Everyone is busy. Like many high-performing employees, your people may be running as fast as they can. The problem: somewhere along the line, they’ve been taught to mind their own book of business, not the business of the entire bank. They're in the dark.

We’ve seen multiple community banks that offer mortgages, insurance, trust management and other services that they rarely cross-sell.

You've become blind to the fact that you're leaving money on the table.

there could be several reasons

those other departments are in different locations: out of sight, out of mind
employees don’t understand the other products well enough to confidently suggest them
you have incentivized employees based on individual goals, not team or bank goals

start an in-house training series and open some new doors

  • set a regular monthly time at lunch or early morning
  • provide good food
  • assign each product/department head a program date so they can prepare and conduct training sessions for their colleagues (if you’re bound by geography, do these by Skype or other tech so everyone can participate live)
  • provide a "cheat sheet" for easy reference after the meeting
  • share financial goals and some incentives: help employees see the difference they can make by helping educate customers about ALL your product offerings

Set the tone: this isn’t about selling. It is about helping customers who already trust and love you learn more about services that can improve their lives or their business.

business goals are everyone's goals

Keep them front and center in break rooms, your intranet and during regular staff meetings. Keep all employees apprised of progress, celebrate the wins and watch greater revenue and profits flow to your bottom line.

We can help you identify the silos—and knock them down! Call Martha for help at 785.969.6203.